Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Service Questions

What exactly goes into your pool service and maintenance?

My Service procedure begins by entering your property respectfully and proceeding with my routine service. I test 4 levels in your water weekly and others as needed to treat your pool properly.



Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, and PH.



Stabilizer, Phosphate, Total Dissolved Solids, Metals, and Salt.



Cleaning your pool includes brushing the water line tile, walls, steps and swim outs, netting leaves and debris, maintaining your automatic cleaning system and filter, and emptying of skimmer and pump baskets. An inspection of your pool equipment is performed each service visit to ensure that the water circulates properly and that no air enters the system. Periodic maintenance is performed as needed. All activities are logged for each service visit, including all chemicals applied and water testing results.


The necessary chemicals are provided and charged to you accordingly. No need for you to shop, store or handle hazardous chemicals.



Windstorms can cause skimmer baskets to fill and clog up; your help emptying them after a storm will help keep your pool system operating properly and efficiently. Floating toys and mattresses collect leaves and debris. For the skimmer and the pool cleaner to operate efficiently, please remove them after use.



I will always call the Homeowner on any major repair issue. To keep costs to a minimum, miscellaneous repairs under $150 will be taken care of on your service day and charged to your monthly statement, unless otherwise agreed upon. I carry 80% of the items you may need for repairs on my truck, which means no service call out or labor charges. Nominal labor charges may apply for additional work, and many tasks are done at no charge.


Please call me at 602-799-5368 if you should have any further questions or concerns regarding your pool operations.

Does your service require a contract?

No, there is no annual or seasonal contract for Desert Ridge Pool Service.  You are able to sign up and cancel service at your convenience.  There are no sign up or cancellation fees!

Why do you recommend year round pool service?

When the cooler weather is upon us, chemical costs are lower, however your pool will still need weekly service as always to maintain and ensure that your system is operating efficiently. In the cooler months trees begin dropping leaves, the wind blows, and we get rain, which raises your pool level (could overflow) and changes the water chemical balance. These months are as challenging as the monsoon months are to maintain & service your pool.  PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! It gets more expensive to fix when you let it go.  Consistency is the key. Most of the damage to a pool happens in the winter when the pool is being neglected.  My experience shows that for every month someone discontinues pool service in the Fall & Winter, they will pay $100 or more in the Spring for every month service was discontinued. It just doesn’t make sense or cents to discontinue weekly service.